ASIrri - Cambodia
Irrigation Service Center (ISC) - Building the future of FWUCs

The "Service Center" approach

The rationale of the ASIrri project is to go beyond a time-bound project approach in order to sustain supports to FWUC in the long run, through a new institutional set up: the Irrigation Service Center (ISC).

The center is gathering experienced human resources and developing tools which could be used for a larger number of FWUC. The ISC economical model is based on services paid by customers, either FWUC, communes or projects.

The ASIrri project is therefore about:

  • putting a competent team in place
  • creating services adapted to FWUC needs
  • testing a contractual approach
  • sustaining the center

Such endeavor covers various aspects:

  • Technical aspects: elaborating adequate services, accessible to FWUC;
  • Institutional aspects: “crafting” ISC institutional and governance model;
  • Economical and financial aspects: sustaining and managing financial resources;

The key challenges for ISC future are

  • How to cover ISC cost through service payments?
  • What should be the contribution from FWUC and from other stakeholders?
  • How to strengthen FWUC financial capacities and their ability to pay services?

The priority for the ISC is to provide support services to existing FWUC who are already able to manage their scheme and to strengthen their capacities, to bring them to a higher management level. The idea is to valorize better existing water resources, more than developing new ones.

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