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Irrigation Service Center (ISC) - Building the future of FWUCs

Ways forward


Irrigation canal in PursatAt the end of 2011, a new local NGO is born: the ISC.

In 2012, all staff contracts will be transfered from GRET to ISC. A move that will further the ISC autonomy and the responsibilities of the management board.

However important issues and stakes need to be tackled for ensuring the ISC sustainability at short and long terms. 

During the year 2012, the priority for the ISC management board will be to:

  • Improve the current ISC economic model and looking for possibility to sustain ISC in Kampong Thom as well as duplicate to this model to others provinces (especially develop a business plan and a budget for 2012-13)
  • elaborate new services for FWUC to diversify their services to farmers (access to marketing, saving group, etc.),  and extend ISC services to other Farmer organizations
  • Strengthen and build partnership with various stakeholders, projects, donors

Specific objectives forwards 2012-2013

Following clear orientations given by the ISC general assembly, specific objectives have been developed based on the vision, mission, and core values of the ISC as stated in its statutes.

The specific objectives for 2012-2013 are:

  • Activate ISC governance body 
  • Continue to provide service supports to existing customers such as Teuk Chha, Stung Chinit East, Pram Kumpheak, Stung Chinit North, Sdao Kong. Some new FWUG may fail if ISC support is discontinued.
  • Strengthen FWN and its members
  • Develop new collaborations with other FWUCs according to priorities and criteria set by ISC
  • Open one new ISC office in other province in order to improve accessibility to ISC services
  • Strengthening ISC management tools
  • Strengthening ISC staffs on operational capacities, especially about hydrology, canal construction design, cartography, water management at plot level and economic analysis at farm level


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