ASIrri - Cambodia
Irrigation Service Center (ISC) - Building the future of FWUCs

Main achievements

The project main achievements over the 2009-2011 period are:

  • Creation of the ISC:

- The team is established in Kampong Thom since July 2009.
- The general assembly gather staff, FWUC representatives, experts, FWN and CEDAC since October 2011 and it has elected a Management Board.
- The ISC is registered as a cambodian NGO since December 2011.

  • Creation of the FWN
  • Set up services and the contractual approach
  • Deliver services to 7 FWUCs and 1 Farmers' Organisation within 6 provincesand in particular:

- Develop users and plots database for Pram Kumpheak, Stung Chinit East and Sdao Kong

- Develop accounting tools for Stung Chinit and Sdao Kong

- Financial audit of Prey Nup

- Create financial procedures for PUAC

  • Fund infrastructure rehabilitation and construction:

- 4 new structures built in Pram Kumpheak

- maintenance of main and secondary canal B in Teuk Chha

- construction of Stung Chinit East canal

- maintenance of the pumping station of Sdao Kong

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